Summer game

Our library has an awesome program in the summer called the Summer Game. At its most basic, you read 5 books and get a prize and some points. Additionally, you can do essentially what amounts to a trivia scavenger hunt through their catalog to learn new things and earn points, as well as get points for how many pages/minutes you spend reading. At the end of the summer, you can spend your points for items from their Summer Game Shop, which has everything from oven mitts to giant chocolate bars with their logo.

Some of their badges are more like treasure hunts, with clues that lead you around places in the community. 

Last week, some of my friends and our kiddos headed to Cobblestone Farm to hunt down some points!

Here was the first clue:

To ensure that you park in the correct [parking] lot, you will find your first code there. See the 2 port-a-potties? Your first code is the 10-digit phone number for John’s Sanitation. Be sure to enter it in with no spaces and no dashes.

So we wrote down the phone number pictured below, and entered it online later for some points.

A later clue read,

"...walk up to the cobblestone house. The front door faces Packard Rd. There is a bronze plaque there designating it an Ann Arbor Historic Structure. The Name of the house and date on the plaque are the next code (be careful spelling the first name!)"

All our sweet kiddos, lined up on the stoop:

Our last clue was 

"Next walk a bit further up the path and find a green sign holding information about the Wet Meadow. You will see some cards with the names and photos of plants found there. The common name of the plant in the lower left corner is your final code."

I've been doing lots of badges lately (on topics ranging from cosplay to the Colossus of Rhodes), but the other day a friend tipped me off to an easy way to get lots of points (Download of the Day). I got a little carried away and ended up as number one on the weekly leaderboard for that kind of points:

I'm like 300th in overall points--some people in this town are crazy!

Anyways, this is something I've been having a lot of fun with this summer!


Maren said…
Gosh I miss the Ann Arbor summer games so much. It is the best. We just finished our library summer reading today; 320 minutes of picture books to earn one free book. That's a far cry from the two toys and free book we would get in AA after reading 10 picture books! And I love that they have an oven mitt prize this year.
melissa said…
that is cute. i mean fun. good library.

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