It was for freedom, from myself and from the land

The fourth of July was lovely and quiet for us, the main events being a nice potluck with friends and neighbors and some small fireworks in the church parking lot.

As for Nikolai, he thought the fireworks were AWESOME. 

 He liked the sparklers but mostly he wanted to light the fireworks themselves. I told him when he's older he can help me, which he grudgingly accepted ;)

 One of our friends bought a mondo giant huge package and set a bunch of them off at one time, which was super fun.

Nikolai enjoyed himself, even though he doesn't look like it here:

Miri really enjoyed it too!

Every time a firework was lit, Miri would hoot and coo and wave her arms excitedly, which obviously made the rest of us smile:

Happy belated fourth of July :)


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