Spring has Sprung in Michigan

Sunset these days happens around 8:40, meaning we can have dinner and still have time to spend a good hour outside afterwards before Nikolai heads off to bed. 

We don't always take advantage of the newly-restored sunshine, but we love it when we do. 

Nikolai loves it best of all!

On most of our outings we amble over to the neighborhood playground so Niko can stretch his legs.   The other day, he decided to try something new--this awesome ladder!

I wasn't sure he could do it but he did!

Niko's other favorite part of the playground is the slide. He loved racing a friend down and then racing around the side of the playground to do it again!

Mmm, spring in Michigan!


ivrcti said…
I want to come play!
Maren said…
Spring in Michigan is the best. I sure do miss it, and that late northern sunset. We're working on cracking 8 pm here!

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