My dad came to visit and I only took two photos

Last week my dad came to visit! He snagged a long layover on his way for a business trip and came to see us for about 17 hours. 

We took him to the Hands on Museum, where we all enjoyed the exhibits, and then took off to Frita Batidos, a local cuban street food restaurant. I had an amazing black bean burger with Muenster cheese and some sort of salsa that was so tasty it made me want to cry! Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car for all of this so you'll have to take my word for it. 

Finally, we came back home where Grandpa read Nikolai some bedtime stories (which they both loved), after which we ate some delicious cheese and played a rousing game of Doctor Who Yahtzee (which Dad smashed us at!).

Yummy cheese!

It was so nice to see you Dad! Thanks for stopping by!!


Michele said…
What is Doctor Who Yahtzee? It sounds fun!
ivrcti said…
It was wonderful! Thank you for having me over. Mom can't wait to come!

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