Silly Niko

Nikolai's been pretty into dinosaurs lately, resulting in lots of dino-back rides. 

Also, random piece of trivia: Nikolai knows the dinosaur Gigonotosaurus (pronounced Jih-guh-noh-to-saurus) but he calls it "Jig-saurus" and applies it to Stegasaurus. Silly/clever boy!

The other day when Jesse got home, we all sat down and played Dinos and Toy story.  Nikolai was Buzz Lightyear, of course, and he flew the dinosaurs around everywhere. Hi-jinks ensued. 

Moving along: the other day Nikolai was coloring very nicely with some markers, up until the point where he decided to draw on the sliding glass door. 

And finally, the be all end all of Niko silliness:

He was finishing off some leftover mousse from a birthday cake I made, and was eating it really carefully until he suddenly wasn't anymore. Needless to say, he got a bath immediately after this picture was taken. 

Silly Niko, we love you!


ivrcti said…
I have a picture of a little girl who looks a lot like that, but with clay instead of chocoloate!

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