The other night we made a yummy romaine-spinach-strawberry-apple-walnut salad with rasperry vinaigrette dressing, and Nikolai had THREE helpings! 

I know, I know, you don't believe it, right? 

Well, here's proof! 

(He's putting the salad on the fork before he puts it in his mouth!)

This is sort of an anomaly--Nikolai is not a reliable vegetable eater (he's 2 after all!)--but it happens every once in awhile and we love it! 


ivrcti said…
I love how Nikolai carefully puts the salad onto his fork before eating it!
Michele said…
That sounds yummy! We might have to try that over here.
Browne Sebright said…
That young lad needs a U of U shirt, me thinks.

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