Post finals happiness

Sorry for the lack of posts over here! Jesse was in the throes of finals for awhile, and he went straight into taking a summer class and preparing for his internship. We still haven't settled into the new schedule but I've finally mustered the energy to write some blog posts! 

Jesse finished finals almost two weeks ago, on a day in which he took a 3 hour final, finished a 20 page paper and went to his new summer class for 3 hours.  I was so proud of the massive amount of energy he put into it all that I planned a little picnic celebration.   

Nikolai and I picked Jesse up right after he finished his paper and we took off to a local park, where we stretched out a picnic blanket and Niko plopped down on it like he's been doing this his whole life. 

Our picnics usually consist of cheese, crackers, and whatever fruit and munchy vegetables we have in the fridge. 

I brought along a kite we got awhile back.  

We gave it a go, but it wasn't really windy enough to fly. We'll try again another day! 

Nikolai liked riding on daddy's shoulders while we attempted to fly the kite. 

I also brought along the model rocket (I finally replaced the one that landed in the tree last year!) and we shot it off twice.  It was so awesome!!! (especially since it landed in the field this time!)

It was a really fun afternoon and gave us all some much needed relaxation!


Maren said…
Yay for finals being over! Such a relief, especially with summer to look forward to.

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