So we went camping, part 1

Last week some people at church organized a ward camping trip. We've been itching to get into the great outdoors now that the frigid Michigan winter has ended, so we packed up a ridiculous amount of stuff and took off! 

Warning: I took far too many pictures on this excursion so I've split the trip up into three posts that are all photo dumps. Sorry/not sorry!

Setting up the tent: 

Nikolai loved helping!

The finished product:

Nikolai thought the sleeping pads were tunnels!

Nikolai did this basically the whole time:

He loved being outside!

I liked it too :)

Right next to the campsite was the gorgeous Crooked Lake:

My boys:

Nikolai got a kick out of the dock!

Nikolai really wanted to touch those lily pads!

Jesse spent a lot of time breaking in his new binoculars and spotting dozens of birds!

On our romp we found some dandelion puffs, which Nikolai loved blowing away. 

Look how cute!

And all these photos are from before any of the rest of the ward even showed up! 


melissa said…
ha. i like the one of niko blowing the dandywan. (calvin's pronunciation)

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