We drove to D.C and back! (Part 2)

The morning of Tim and Jessica's wedding dawned clear and warm.  It was an unusual August day in D.C., being neither ridiculously hot nor crazy humid! Some of Jessica's sisters were nice enough to watch Nikolai for us so we could go in the temple for the wedding (no kids allowed!).  The sealing was short and sweet.  Jessica's incredibly kind father cried even more than her mother (and maybe more than Juli!) and we all were so happy to be there with Tim and Jessica.  

After the short ceremony, we all took off outside for pictures!  One of Jessica's kind relatives was nice enough to offer to take a picture of our little family before all the chaos ensued: 

There were group pictures, couple pictures, and family pictures galore! These ones with the kids are some of my favorites, because Jesse was standing behind the photographer, trying to get sleepy/grumpy Niko to laugh!

And it worked! (click on the picture to see Niko's little face up close)

I really loved the ones with Tim and Jessica's parents though--look how lovely they all look!!

And, of course, one with my favorite in-laws and the happy couple ;)

After the wedding, Jesse took off to the library again and we all headed back to Jessica's parents' house for a little rest and some final reception preparations.  

Unfortunately, this is the only picture I took at the reception: 

Nikolai had fallen asleep on the way to the reception and I decided to let him nap for a bit before we headed in.  We did actually get to go in after he woke up, but I forgot  to take pictures! Suffice to say, it was beautiful--great food (all made by Jessica's family!), great decorations, great music and a blissful bride and groom.  Afterwards we were all SOO tired and happy to head off to the hotel, but we were so happy to be a part of Tim and Jessica's special day! 


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