Here's a secret for you: 

I like cooking, but I don't always feel like it.  So sometimes, dinner just looks like this: 

Cheese, crackers, and yummy fresh fruit!  (But let's please not talk about how often we eat pizza instead... ;D)

But then I guess sometimes I actually make dinner and every now and then we eat something delicious, like this: 

Strawberry and walnut salad with crunchy ramen noodles and a sweet vinaigrette :D  This is currently our favorite salad and I'm pretty sure I would eat it every day if I could.  But hey, at least it would mean I would make dinner more often! ;)


bRob said…
What's the recipe for the vinaigrette?
Catherine said…
The whole recipe is here:


and the vinaigrette recipe is at the bottom!

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