The best friends we made that are moving and leaving us forever

I'm not sure if I've mentioned yet that upon moving to Ann Arbor, we promptly made friends with some really awesome people, we'll call them M and P ("M" likes privacy so I won't include their real names, but I've got to call them something! ;D).  P just finished law school, they're both big into languages like we are, and they have a son almost exactly Nikolai's age--so basically they're the perfect people for us to be friends with!  The only minor sideback is since P just graduated, they're moving on to the real world of jobs and firms and such...all the way in northern California!  Needless to say we've been minorly devastated about that, but that certainly didn't stop us from hanging out with them at every available opportunity this summer. 

Now that they're about to move, we're trying to quickly stuff in a few more get-togethers before we don't see them for...ages (I will not say forever!).  Last night, we had them over for cake and games, and last week we got together to let our boys go wild in the park! I'm terrible at taking pictures when we're with friends (and the times I try, my camera is dead!) so here are some that M graciously provided: 

Niko and his buddy R got a little bit obsessive about the popcorn....ok, mostly Niko got obsessive ;)

The boys kept running far away to play around the dirt path!

R looooves stairs so he kept running to this set on the far side of the field we were in, and Nikolai followed him like a good little friend ;)  And then, of course, the fathers were sent to retrieve them :D

Nikolai and R having an upside-down fight with their dads!

Playing with cups

And what would a park outing be without sitting on some logs?

Thanks, M, P and R for being our first friends here in Ann Arbor, and despite the fact that you're leaving us (;D) we wish you the best of luck in your new home! 


You are too cute. I am so glad you guys came early and we stayed late! The summer was much more fun and watching the boys together was priceless.
melissa said…
that's awesome. i'm glad you made friends so quickly--that can be so hard! i'm sorry they're moving already.

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