Impromptu outing: Therapy dogs at the Dowtown library

Last Friday, Niko and I were going a little stir-crazy and decided we had to get out of the house! A lady in the ward emailed out about an event at the downtown library for kids featuring stories about dogs and some local therapy dogs, and since Nikolai loves animals I decided we should check it out! 

Alas, we missed the bus we were supposed to take and then got confused about where the library was, so when we finally got there the stories were over and they were starting to show the dogs! 

After they introduced all the dogs they brought them down for the children to pet. 

Nikolai was pretty hesitant at first but soon got much braver and went up to pet almost every dog there :)

Unfortunately, Niko's attention span was poor that day and he didn't want to stay with the dogs after that, so we wandered upstairs so I could find a book.  At that point, Nikolai realized I had snacks in my bag and desperately wanted to eat them in the library, which I wasn't going to let him do (he's a hugely messy eater) so he proceeded to throw a tantrum in the middle of the library.  Needless to say, I didn't get to find my book...

So in case it's not obvious, we've entered tantrum territory! We're finding some ways to navigate Niko's moods but I KNOW I have a lot of very wise friends who have done this before what do you do with your kids? I am so curious to know! If you have any advice, please leave it in the comments :D


ivrcti said…
We discovered that when a child is starting to throw a tantrum, they are so emotional, they're not listening, so you can't work or reason with them until they calm down. We decided that it was best not to give them attention, so at home we would put them in their room until they came off that first really outrageous emotional peak, and not giving them attention until they were able to listen.
In public, it's trickier, but we tried to find someplace to tuck them and let them blow through it, but that's hard since it can annoy others. Sometimes that meant leaving the grocery cart in the isle, going out to the car, putting them and waiting outside the car for the storm to calm.
It's not convenient, but it works.
Kylie said…
Oh man, I still haven't totally figured it out. You aren't supposed to give them attention...but Walt is such an easy-going kid, it's usually my fault when he throws a fit (missed nap, late dinner, etc.) so I feel bad about it. I try to tell him everything we are doing beforehand, and give him lots of warning before we leave places, and that seems to help us a lot. Also, you can't let them get away with it, you have to be really consistent and not cave in to whining. Which is hard. :) Good luck!
Heidi said…
Yep, don't try to talk to or reason with him until he's calmer. Put him somewhere safe where he can ride it out, and don't give in! Afterwards, talk it over with him. Acknowledge his feelings and help him put them into words, like "You were angry that your couldn't have your snack in the library." Or at least that's what Nanny Deb does. :)
Doug & Charisse said…
I think one of the best things to do is try to diffuse the tantrum before it starts. Pay attention to the setting and what is aggravating him. That's what we do with ourselves - we realize we're getting worked up we take a few breaths, step outside, read a book, whatever it takes, right? Well he hasn't learned those skills yet so you get to teach him :). So try and notice the pressure as it's building and before it becomes too much.

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