Saturday outing: UM Natural History Museum

On saturday we took a few brief hours to check out the Natural History Museum on campus (bonus points: it's free!)  

Since I'm sure you've all seen the contents of a natural history museum before I'll spare you the details and just show you the highlights! 

My favorite rock:

So pretty!

Then we saw this little model of a giant sloth and noticed the stink eye he was giving us...

so I thought about how freaky running into a giant one of these guys would be and decided to imitate one for Jesse! 

Notice my big long sloth fingers?  Yeah. 

Nikolai didn't like looking at the exhibits much (mostly he wanted to wander) so when he started to get tired we headed outside to play for a bit until the bus came.  

We saw some standard Ann Arbor awesomeness, like Ms in random places: 

and gorgeous ivy-covered buildings: 

Look, it even crept up the window! 

Have I told you how great the bus system is here?  Since we live in student family housing, there's a free campus bus that comes every 10 minutes all day long on weekdays and every 20 minutes on the weekend that takes us straight to campus and all of it's awesomeness! It's been great for getting Jesse to school, so he doesn't have to deal with parking and I get the have the car at home if we need it, and we love taking it to all of our downtown-related adventures.  Yay for public transit! 

Anyways, all of that is relevant because it's been interesting taking Niko on the bus.  For the first 10 minutes of the ride he usually sits quietly, but the last 5 minutes he starts wanting to wander the bus or get off!  

So on the way back this time we convinced him to look out the window instead. 

So cute!  


melissa said…
i think that it's cool that you have access to public transportation like that! (from one one-car family to another.)
Landon Burgener said…
Woah! Totally jealous of the natural history museum . . . luckies...

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