Mmmm donuts!

On Friday Jesse didn't have class (hallelujah!) and we were majorly craving junk food so I decided to try my hand at doughnut making! 

recipe found here

Oh glory.  These things were so tasty I almost cried.  

For the doughnut holes, I rolled some in powdered sugar and some in a sugar/pumpkin pie spice mixture (that's what happens when you run out of cinnamon!).

If you love doughnuts even a little bit, please oh please oh please make these.  You will love them.  (Just don't eat tons of them and then eat a lot of other junk food will get so sick, trust me >.<)  But make sure to take some to a friend--they made way too many for us to eat by ourselves!  
p.s. come visit and I'll make you some!!!


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