For Christmas, I got Jesse a rocket! Unfortunately, it was super snowy at the time (not good rocket shooting conditions) and then the next few months ended up being really busy as we got ready to move (also not good rocket shooting conditions).  So, now that we're settled in and all that, we decided we'd finally go make use of it! (you know, just 7 months later ;D)

Nikolai really wanted to help us assemble it but Jesse didn't really need the help ;)

Niko and I wandered the field for a bit until it was ready ;) 

Quick pose before liftoff!

Jesse holding the trigger, all ready to go:

and then....

It landed it a tree!!!!! ACK!  It found pretty much the only gigantic tree around and fell in the top, and there were no low branches for us to climb up and try to shake it down...so after one exhilarating launch, we left our rocket in a tree and headed home.  But we are Stubborn Stricklans, so we headed back the next day after church, hoping it might have fallen down by then.  We got very excited when we realized it was no longer up there, but a brief perusal in the undergrowth (in our church clothes, no less...poor planning!) showed it nowhere in sight.  Alas!  We've decided to buy a replacement rocket soon (since we still have the launching platform and several engines left) but at least the one launch was so exciting! 


melissa said…
haha. i find this an amusing tale.
Kylie said…
That is a fun idea! I might have to steal it this year. :)

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