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Last night, Jesse had a big paper to write (aka he was too busy to entertain Nikolai like he usually does) so we found our shoes and went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather! Last week we had a heinous heat wave (mid 90s for almost 5 solid days with tons of humidity) but this week has been blessedly cool.  It's like Michigan is saying, "Oh hey guys, I feel really bad about what I did to y'all last week!  How's a high of 76 for a solid week sound?"  And oh boy, we've been loving it! (side note: I could totally live in low 70 degree weather all day every day for my entire life and be totally happy) 

So anyways, it was gorgeous outside so I brought my book and followed Niko on his wanderings! (Have I told you this is how he plays?  He basically wanders around the complex, stopping when he finds fun toys to play with but mostly he just walks around) 

We did make it down the the playground/swingset, and I tell you, although he doesn't like to swing for long, while he is swinging he loves it!  That excited baby grin never gets old.

Anyways, he wanted to swing in the baby swing but pointed to the big swing next to it so I would swing too, so I set my book on the grass and we had a lovely time.  When he was done, I kept swinging for a bit and he did the cutest thing--just walked on over to my book, seated himself on a little grassy edge and started flipping through it! 

Well, I guess this story isn't as exciting as I thought it was, but it was a really sweet moment with my boy and I wanted to remember it!  


julis said…
I love that you document it and have a picture to prove it. He is such a sweet boy! I'm glad that Michigan has properly apologized for last week.
Kylie said…
So cute! You should move to Seattle. That weather you described? Pretty much here. Except a bit cooler (like 50s) and wetter in the winter. But mostly, mid-70s. See how I am trying to convince you to live by me again?
Catherine said…
Oh Kylie, I am making all sorts of plots for us to live close together!

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