Cute eater. Cuti-eater.

Our little buddy has strange tastes in food.  For instance, he looooves bread or pasta or rice (sort of bland things) but hates potatoes (also bland and starchy!)  (also, can he even be an Idahoan's son if he hates potatoes?!) He also loves really rich and flavorful food like curry or enchiladas, but can be weirdly picky about vegetables.  

But one thing we do like about his eating habits is how cute he is when he eats! 

He's taken to eating apples whole (usually over the course of a day or two) and it's soo cute to watch :D

And something we discovered him doing the other day: licking the butter off his bread! 

We love you Niko!


Messy Musings said…
My Grandpa used to take a butter knife, slice some off the cube and just eat it (sans bread). Maybe Niko inherited his butter eating from an ancestor who also did things like that? LOL ;o)
Anna said…
Butterz goooood.

Wesley is also a cute fruit eater. He will take tiny bites, and carry it around under his arm like Mei carries her corn in Totoro.
Doug & Charisse said…
Cute! Maybe he doesn't like certain foods because of their texture and not because they taste bad. Benjamin also prefers apples whole! weirdo.

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