Big Niko

(I started this post last week--since then, Niko has graduated from Kindergarten! So I guess I'll have to have another post about him soon)

Niko is so grown these days. He was learning about poetry at the end of the school year, which resulted in him doing lots of joyous wordplay.

He's terribly creative, so when I spotted a felt bear pattern book at a used booksale, I snapped it up. We made a felt bear together (that he named "Nare") and it was so fun. 

The felt bear was inspired by making this stuffed critter together (a character from a video game he's played a few times).

Oh, another huge reason he's so big: he lost his first tooth! This made me feel SO weird. How is he old enough to lose those teeth already? Didn't those just grow in...6 years ago? Oh yeah, I guess he's had them awhile now! 

He's also reading up a storm. Here's a video of him reading to us at bedtime, upside down no less!


Maren said…
He is such a neat kid! R is so impatient to lose that first tooth haha.

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