Family Lately

Family life is chugging along lately! We've been doing lots of things with friends, wrapping up the end of soccer season, school, and my work, and generally running around crazily (but happily!)

I found a cool manhole cover the other day, which reminded me of the one I took in Moldova.

Jesse and I got a date a few weeks past, which was great! I packed a yummy picnic and we hiked up East Rock together. 

It's always so nice to get out together!

When the weather is nice, we've been walking to church. It's a little over a mile, up hill at least once each way, but it's very enjoyable. We never seem to leave the house quite on time though, so we're always arriving to church a little late, sweaty, and breathless. We should work on that part, because we want to keep walking!

And finally, some random videos of ordinary family life:


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