Family Night

The other night (just two weeks ago, but it was cool enough that we wore jackets. What a difference two weeks makes!) Jesse came home from work and wanted to get out in the great outdoors. We packed a hodgepodge picnic dinner and hit the road for Lighthouse Point, one of our favorite local spots.

The kids ate-ish, we all shared Jesse's amazing blueberry lemonade, and we all had a swell time romping about on the rocks.

I love this last photo because I caught Niko mid-jump and he looks like he's flying!

We'll go to Lighthouse again soon, and next time it'll be hot enough for swim suits!


Maren said…
He does look like he's flying! What a fun spot for family picnics.
melissa said…
I love that I can recognize these spots you go to! Way to get out of house to have fun (something I havent been super good at lately!).

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