Leona 2 months

Hooray hurrah, Leona is two months old! 

Ok, so actually she's 2.5 months old because I meant to write this two weeks ago, but I'm going to pretend it's two weeks ago and write it anyways. The pictures are all from then, at least!

At her two month checkup Leona was 10 lbs 10 oz but they mis-measured her height (there is no way this baby is in the 96% for height!) so I didn't bother remembering it.

Sleeping patterns: She is a great sleeper! She takes several naps during the day (ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours)--they're sort of variable because she is prone to getting woken up by siblings or errands, but she's an amiable baby and puts up with us. At night, she sleeps from around 9 or 10 until 3 or 4, or from 11 until 5. And then we have an hour of unpleasant sleep from 6 to 7, where she's sort of awake and we're sort of awake and we keep putting the pacifier back in her mouth, in the hopes that she'll snooze. (I've begun calling her pacifier the snooze button!)

Eating habits: She eats every 2-3 hours during the day, and is eating around 3-4 ounces when I pump for her at work.

New discoveries I made: Smiling is the funnest! So is cooing and giggling! 

My Accomplishments: Rolling from tummy to back (two whole times!) and grabbing on with her tiny hands. Baby hands are so useless when they are first born that I feel like learning to use them at all is a huge accomplishment! 

Places I went: To NYC and Brooklyn to see The Uncles (Aaron and Jake), on countless trips to the store and to pick up Niko from school, and to a few babysitters' houses.

Special Memories: There was this one moment where Leona was fussy and I couldn't figure out why, so I decided to try changing her diaper. She was fussy right up until I put her on the changing table, at which point she looked up at me and smiled. I felt like she was saying "Way to go mom! You figured it out!" It was a nice moment.

And finally, for your viewing pleasure: our little chatterbox!


Maren said…
She is so sweet!
melissa said…
she really is just so adorable. can't wait to meet her!

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