Views of Chisinau

I finished two views of Chisinau, and I want to share them with you! For frame of reference, these are about 3 inches in diameter, so they're pretty small!

On the left is a view of one of Chisinau's classic kelly green park benches with a matching trashcan, and a bust of a poet. There is a whole row of these busts in the park, and it is one of our family's favorite spots.

On the right is a sunset silhouette of Stefan cel Mare, a Moldovan 16th-century hero. His statue is on the corner of the park, and it's always a lovely place to walk past.

Here's the reference photo I used for the Stefan cel Mare piece:

And the finished product (click to see it in greater detail):

Here's the photo of the park bench (right after a calamitous spring storm, which is why there are so many piles of branches waiting to be cleaned up. I chose to leave those out of my final piece):

The colors in the photo didn't end up very true to life, so I tried to correct that in my final piece (again, click to see it bigger):

I've never done anything like these pieces before--I usually go for a much more stripped down style, with lots more empty space and a sketch aesthetic. But for these I tried something new, using different textures and stitches to create a more fleshed out look. It took forever, but it was a fun new challenge and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. 

For instance, I used french knots to make the brick path around the bench, which was very time intensive but I think turned out beautifully:

The trees in the background were challenging. I needed them to look sort of impressionist and fade nicely into the background. This meant selecting a lot of medium intensity greens and browns and trying to use only as much detail as seemed necessary. 

There are a few more photos I have that I'm thinking of turning into embroidered pieces, but they will have to wait until after we arrive in New Haven. I'm excited to try this technique again!


melissa said…
i love how you did the pavers with the french knots!
Kyra Moon said…
Those are beautiful! I'm excited to see them in person!
ivrcti said…
Excellent craftsmanship!
Anonymous said…
Those are beautiful! You are so talented.

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