Cool Stuff

We've stumbled across a few interesting things lately. 

The first was this giant bug, that we came across on our walk to the park one day. It was fully 2 inches long and looked like a cross between a bee and a wasp. After some investigation later, we discovered it's a Mammoth Wasp, and it eats the larvae of the European Rhinoceros beetle (which Jesse and the kids saw once). Cool! 

We saw this fun old car at the park the other day. It had clearly been renovated and was a charming shade of lime green. 

Finally, when we were souvenir shopping at one of our favorite Moldovan clothes retailers, I spotted this gem on a men's medium white polo shirt:

It says, 

"Iuvas Sportwear
Real Brand For Men
Smart Choice"

Oh man, that "Smart Choice" makes me want to fall over laughing. We've seen some fun Engliski around in Moldova but this is definitely the tops.

Unfortunately I don't know anyone who would be able to pull off this kind of subtle irony (that is the right size). If you're reading this and it's you, though, let me know and I'll buy it for you! It was AMAZING!


Maren said…
I love how the rear view mirror was painted the same color. Nice attention to detail on that car.

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