Preschool pictures

Sometimes the kids' teachers sent us photos of them from their day. Miri was always looking at the camera and grinning, and it is the best:

I also found some fun ones where Niko apparently did some kind of flower dances and games (which he never mentioned!) 

It's funny--everyday he comes home, and when I ask him what he did he just says, "Oh, the same thing we do everyday! Play with friends, do my project, dance. You know." But this looks pretty memorable! 

The kids finished their last week of preschool today and I just want to say once more how glad I am that this is something they've gotten to do. Not only has it been a fun, educational and safe environment for them, but they've also come out speaking a second language, which is pretty astounding. I'm so, so glad they got to do this!

Niko getting a goodbye stranglehug from some of his BFFs. 


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