Picture Stump

Some of these are from the end of June (hence the light jackets) and some are from July. My phone camera does not play well with bright, direct sunlight, so the kids' eyes are a little shadowed out in some of these. 

Nonetheless, I'm really looking forward to compiling all of these picture stump photos into one post. I came across a few of the first ones I took the other day and it was astounding to see how much they've grown!

We put Miri up in the stroller because we knew if we let her out, she'd insist on walking all the way home!

A certain 5-year-old was toooo tiiiiiired to walk home and was riding on Dad's shoulders, so this picture gets a bonus Jesse in it!

And yes, this one below was the best I could get. 


ivrcti said…
I like the last photo best of all!

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