Valea Morilor Picnic

We have created a bucket list of places to go and things to do before we leave Moldova (t-minus 18 days--so soon!) One of them was to have a picnic at a big park near us. It's something we've always meant to do more often, but have only done rarely. 

The kids were not very excited about the PB&Js but were very excited about the fresh-baked M&M chocolate chip cookies. I completely understood. 

After picnic-ing, we let the kids wander and play a bit. While Jesse sat and contemplated philosophical thoughts,* I made a flower crown.

*I'm not actually sure what he was thinking about but this is a safe guess.

The crown reminded Niko of the Romans and he had fun wearing it for a bit. 

I liked it too! 

On the way home, Niko picked up a pair of attached** soldier bugs, and let them crawl around on his arm for awhile. 

**We have assumed they were attached because they were mating, which we explained as best as we could. His birds and bees knowledge is a little spotty at present, which we should probably fix sometime soon...

It was a lovely Saturday, and we hope to have a few more such picnics at other parks before we go!


melissa said…
cute crown. i can't be-lieve you are leaving in 18 days!
Maren said…
That crown is impressive. I can't believe you leave so soon!

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