Sweet Nikolai eating our last sweet icecream of the season (the temperature has swiftly dropped into the 40s during the days and the 30s overnight, so even though Nikolai keeps asking for icecream and vendors at the park are still selling it, we're definitely done til next Spring):

His messy face is how I feel about this icecream: it's so delicious and I want to eat it with so much abandon that half of it ends up on my face. 

Luckily, we can replace our icecream eating habit with a pastry eating one because we found a bakery that is not only A) incredibly close to our apartment B) incredibly cheap but also C) incredibly delicious!!! Jesse brought some home as a surprise the other week and I have (almost) never loved him more. We went back the next week and I was sold. I will learn Romanian/Russian/whatever I have to and spent vast, absurd quantities of pocket money in order to eat there every week.  

Also, the girl running the shop took a liking to Miriam and Miriam let her pick her up and give her a hug. So that was adorable. 

We've only had the croissants and other assorted pastries so far, but they also have dozens of types of cakes, bars and even macarons, so we will definitely have to branch out sometime. 

A closeup of the delicious pastries we got (the one on the left has a small quantity of very rich chocolate inside, and the one on the right has tangy and sweet cherry preserves. Mmm!!):

Also very sweet: Miriam and Nikolai the other week, when they insisted on holding hands as we walked home. My mama heart was fit to burst at the sweetness! 


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