Messy Miri

Our Miriam is a messy Miriam. It's just who she is, and we've stopped trying to fight it. 

She is always hungry, and she often ends up wandering around with food clutched in her tiny hands, nibbling at it as she follows us to whatever room we're occupying. (We always mean to keep her in the kitchen where her crumbs will be contained, but this is hard) The other day, I found a remnant of her wanderings in the form of an apple in a bowl on a low shelf in the kitchen.

Ok, this one isn't Miriam being messy, but it does show how silly she is. She wants to take off her clothes all the time (something we're trying to discourage as the weather gets colder), and she often runs off before we can re-clothe her. Mid-chase the other day, she jumped into this drawer and pretended to hide:

And finally, the piece de resistance: The mess Miriam makes when she eats spaghetti. It is a sight to behold (and an atrocity to clean up), but hey, she'll eat 3 plates of it so at least she gets full!

Please notice the vast quantities on the table, the chair and the floor. Not pictured: the spaghetti that she managed to strew 3 feet over to the right of the chair, far out of her arms' reach. 

Sometime I will also post a photo of her face after she eats spaghetti--it is pretty ridiculously messy and also decidedly adorable. 

Hey messy Miri, we love you in all of your messy glory!


Maren said…
E does the exact same thing. It is so funny/gross! Once a plum I had given him went missing and I found it quite a bit later in a cabinet I don't access much. This age is hilarious. I just love it.
ivrcti said…
I seem to recall that after we finished dinner at our house, we could always pick out where you and I sat at the table. She gets it honest!

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