Niko says

Nikolai has grown quite thoughtful and poetic lately (not entirely his fault--he has unusual parents). 

The other morning we had a few minutes before school, and he wanted to sit on the windowsill and "watch the morning." That was impossible to resist so I grabbed my morning herbal tea and sat with him. 

Then the other day, his thoughtfulness struck again. He had just returned from preschool and we were finishing up lunch. Lately, we use that time to talk about our mornings and what we've done so far that day (this started out as a way to get him to tell me the things he did at preschool, but now he asks how my day is too and it is a lovely exchange).  After finishing our conversation, he turned towards the window (out of which we can see a large tree) and said, 

"I'm just going to watch the leaves twist and flap."

I was a bit overwhelmed by that lovely idea, and I think I said something along the lines of "Yeah, it's nice to watch the leaves move in the wind, isn't it?"

To which Nikolai replied, 

"It makes me feel like I'm flying."

...I'm astounded I didn't weep on the spot. Nikolai, you are incredible.


ivrcti said…
Pondering is one of the most powerful and overlooked principles in the gospel. Sounds like you're teaching Niko well. It makes me wonder what beautiful thoughts are running around in Miriam's head?
julis said…
I love him so! Philosopher king.

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