All fall down

Fall in Moldova is rich and wet and chilly. (It does make me miss Ann Arbor in the fall--A2 is just so luscious this time of year--but I am trying not to think about that)

Below are photos from sometime last week, when we ventured out of our homebody shells to take a brisk walk to the park.

My people, mid-stride:

A manhole cover, which reads "Telefon" in Cyrillic (I'm not sure if it's Russian or Moldovan). It has such a cool design:

Miriam stopped to play in the dirt revealed by the broken paving stones (we didn't let her linger long)

Jesse and Miri in front of the Pushkin statue in the park:

Nikolai's gleeful face, hands full of acorns: 

The video below is from a different day, when we had a huge rainstorm (which followed several days of rain, prompting a wall in our apartment to spring a mysterious and distressing leak). I walked Nikolai home from school and was charmed by how he tromped along with his oversized Ann Arbor District Library umbrella:


Maren said…
The first fall away from A2 is rough! I am really interested to see what winter is like in Moldova.

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