Three sillies

Today, I have for you some pictures and some stories.

First: pictures of me and the littles, sitting on the stairs as we headed up for bed one evening. 

Nikolai was super excited to get some mail:

A story AND a photo: the other night, Jesse was putting both kids to bed while I was at work. He was busy brushing Niko's teeth or some such when he realized Miriam had wandered off. He didn't see her anywhere upstairs, so he headed downstairs. There, he discovered she had snuck off to read a book by herself! 

Miriam has always been a pretty messy eater, but she has been pretty messy as of late (an interesting contrast to Nikolai, who was messy, but not THIS messy). The photo below is how she looks basically at every meal:

Though sometimes she can be a little bit cleaner (though still very silly!):

She's also been talking a ton lately!! In the video below I think you can hear her say "mama" "cup" "ball" "wee-ooh" (train) and "bye."

A mostly complete list of the words she says lately: 
Dada (or daddy)
all done (baby sign)
Ko ko (short for Moloko, Russian for milk)
Ba ba (bottle)
More (often uses baby sign too)
ding (train sound)
wee-ooh (sounds like a siren but she means train)
Cup (sometimes "cuppy")
Puppy (used for all animals, including Dinos)
Come (thinks it means "give")

I blame all of her words on being the second child--Nikolai definitely didn't talk this much, and I think she does more because she's got another little person around to talk to!

Speech aside, she's a pretty joyous little person (and looks exactly like me at that age--I will find a photo to compare if possible!):

Nikolai's activity of choice these days has been going out to the sandbox to find friends to trade Pokemon cards with. They don't play really, but the trading is apparently very fun for them, so we make a lot of time for that these days. 

As for Miri, she spends most of this time in baby heaven, making sand angels:


ivrcti said…
Miriam eats just like you did at that age!!!
Maren said…
What adorable kids!
melissa said…
Miri is sooo cute. Her bangs look perfect and I like all of her words.

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