June Miscellany

Well well well, it has been nearly a month since I blogged! I meant to sit down and do this a few weeks ago (I even uploaded the photos to my computer and wrote down the order I wanted them in, but then I got sidetracked and never got back to it) but here we are now. 

June was a speedy month that felt half as long as it really was, in part because it was so busy! School and work and studying are racing along, but we managed to take some time to do some things in our fair city as well. 

Warning: I have written several cohesive posts that will come in the next few days, but these photos and videos are the ones that didn't fit well in any of those posts, making this post a pretty random assortment. Proceed with un-organized caution!

First up: Jesse and I saw this AWESOME silent lightning storm a few weeks ago. The video does not even remotely do it justice. It was super vibrant (and not as dark out as the video makes it look) and absolutely silent. It was incredible!

The peonies bloom at the Arb every year towards the end of May/beginning of June, and we went to see them! They are always so pretty and they definitely didn't disappoint. 

(Oh yeah, did I mention there are thousands?!)

Nikolai took this picture of me! 

This is a random stack of every grocery list I've made in the last two years, with our weekly meal plan on the backs of each one. For awhile I hoarded them, thinking it would make a cool art project, but then I had a baby and got a job and ran out of time. Instead, I took this picture and recycled them.

For a work "in-service" last week (I have no idea what that means) we went to a breakout room in town. We were stuck in a room for an hour, trying to find clues and solve puzzles in order to steal a prototype and escape the room. We didn't complete the mission, but it was lots of fun!

I was at our local used kids store the other day and noticed these sets of crayons. Notice that the generic kid set (aka the boy set) doesn't have any pink or purple crayons, while the princess set (aka the girl set) doesn't have any orange or green (the one that looks orange here was actually red, and the one that looks green was sort of a greenish brown). I was more or less infuriated by the assumption that boys don't want to color with purple crayons and girls don't want to color with green or orange, so I took this picture to do something with my fury.  

Finally, while we were home visiting for my brother's wedding, my mom came across an old snippet of my hair from a haircut when I was 4. I had just cut Nikolai's hair, so I grabbed a sample to compare. It's funny--I always think of him as SUUUUPER blond, but apparently I was way blonder! Weird, huh?

 Alright, this concludes my random catch up post! Stay tuned for more cohesive posts the rest of the week :)


Maren said…
Wow, I have always thought of Nikolai's hair being lighter than that. You were a really blonde kid! I am curious what the two colors of crayon hidden behind the package label are.
ivrcti said…
I love the person you're becoming!

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