On my 27th birthday, I had possibly the best birthday of my life.

Jesse was incredibly thoughtful, I got to do a birthday-themed storytime, and friends and family members from near and far reached out to wish me a happy birthday (some with thoughtful presents!), making me feel incredibly loved. 

The final birthday greeting came from three friends who showed up at almost 11 pm to sing me a birthday song. It went through the letters of the alphabet, describing me with words starting with each letter, and there was some delightful singing and dancing as well.

Here's the letters and their accompanying words, because I know I'm going to not be able to read these later when my memory isn't fresh:

Adorable, Brilliant, Competent, Drink Dandelion Wine (not really but it was my book club choice last year), Eccentric, Fabulous, German, Happy, Intelligent, Joyful, Kind, Librarian, Melodious, Novel, Ovulator, Passionate, Queer, Reader, Swearer, Talented, Upstanding, Vibrant, Wonderful, eXuberant, Yummy, Zany.

I feel incredibly blessed to be loved by so many generous, creative, clever, thoughtful, and loving people!


melissa said…
Sounds like a good day! Glad you had a nice one.
Maren said…
Happy birthday!

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