Every summer our city hosts daily events as parts of summerfest, bringing in cool acts from all over the world for free (*$5 donation suggested*). We made great use of it this year, seeing several cool performances and making sure to take the kids to the free kids activity tent too.

The first (and coolest) act we saw was called Saurus, and consisted of people on stilts dressed up as massive dinosaur-sih creatures: 

They were incredibly cool and also kinda scary (poor Niko didn't want them to get close to him!). 

At the kids tent that evening, the archaeology museum had hieroglyphic stamps that the kids could use to write their names, and reed paper and reed brushes they could use to paint. Nikolai loved them both!

His work of art (it;s the sun, in case you're wondering!):

They also had people blowing massive amounts of bubbles, which was completely magical and captivating:

Every night they have music too. This night, they had a group playing salsa music, which dancing baby Miriam LOVED.

She's sitting on a chair listening to them here, but she spent a lot of the time dancing!

Saurus was so cool that we went again the next night to see them with friends! Here's Nikolai, sitting in his favorite spot on the bus ride there: between his beloved friends Leland and Edwin.

Two weeks later we recruited a bunch of friends (and they recruited more friends) to go see the Water Balloon Gladiators at summerfest.  Here's a (bad) photo of the crowd: 

The gladiators started off the show by blowing rubber gloves up on their heads until they were HUGE. Later, they recruited audience members, who they trained to be water balloon gladiators. It was lots of fun! 

All the little kids hung out together (and munched on a picnic dinner) and had a fun time too. 

We love summerfest! 


Maren said…
Okay, those dinosaurs are so cool! I am always surprised at the activities that I didn't know about when we lived there. Looks like you guys had fun!
ivrcti said…
I love that you're introducing them to Latino music!

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