This post is 23 days late, which should be a testament to the levels of chaos that have existed in our house the past 3 weeks. It's the same old same old (school, work, bar prep, moving, children) and it's almost over! As of this writing, we are t minus 3 days from moving out of our apartment, Jesse finished the bar today, I finished the last of my schoolwork for the semester, and my last day of work was a week ago. So the end is in sight! Unfortunately it's going to be a long three days of packing and cleaning...wish us luck!

In the meantime, I'm scheduling a bunch of posts to document all the other things we've been doing lately :)

So! The Fourth of July! It was a great, super busy day. I started it out by taking the kids to be part of the library contingent of the town parade, which was fun. I don't think I've been in a parade since I was 8 (Brownie Scouts, maybe? Mom, do you remember?) so that was relatively novel and enjoyable. 

Also, we were right behind the marching band, which everyone knows is the best part of every parade!

That evening, we had a potluck with friends and then all pitched in to buy the biggest package of fireworks that Costco had. It made for a pretty impressive fireworks show! 

The kids were definitely suitably impressed. 

Best of all, many of our beloved friends were there. These days I'm soaking up every moment of beloved-friend-time that I possibly can!

At this point, Nikolai took my phone and started taking pictures. Some of them were great!

I guess I should let Niko head behind the lens more often, so I can occasionally get a photo of myself!

Fireworks in the parking lot is one of my very favorite neighborhood traditions, so I'm really glad we got to do it one last time!


Maren said…
Three days?? Oh my gosh. Good luck! And congrats to Jesse on finishing the bar. That is a great moment. I love seeing the ward members in your photos, I am going to miss that. Can't wait to see your next adventures!

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