It is a time of upheaval in our lives, so it's only fitting that I've found some photos to represent the currently explosion.

Endless packing:

A silly child who wrote "NO" on 12 separate sheets of paper and made a trail of them around upstairs (including one GLUED to the door) when he was supposed to be sleeping:

An exploding watermelon that took WAY more rubber bands than we expected:

An explosion averted, when I let Nikolai eat dinner under the table:

With Jesse off taking the bar, there's been more than one moment when it looked like the toy cabinet exploded:

By the time this post has been published, all of the explosions should have subsided. Wish me luck!


julis said…
I'm so grateful you pre-loaded these posts so I could still feel like I know what's going on in your exciting life even though you all are WAY too busy to stop and tell me! I know from past experience that you are a master planner and packer, so although it was probably exhausting and hard, I have confidence that The Pack went as expected. And now you just have The Wait before The Adventure! The hard stuff is done (I say with a dollop of lol inside)! I love you all so much!
Kyra Moon said…
12 sheets of paper that all say "No." That is probably the best thing I've heard of all day.
Maren said…
That watermelon... And those papers. So funny. I'm glad you got the packing finished. Kids make stuff like that exponentially more "fun." ;)
ivrcti said…
Wow! I love how you describe it as an explosion, since that is what it feels like! I can't imagine how you found time for the watermelon experiment! So, how many rubber bands did it take?
melissa said…
haha, NO. that makes me laugh.

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