I wanted to finish my seasons embroidery before we moved, so a few weeks ago I sat down to make a Spring piece. I based it on the rose bush Jesse gave me for my birthday 3 years ago. Every winter it dies down to a few little twigs but every spring it miraculously grows back! I've begun to look for it blooming every year as a sign that spring has arrived, so it was the perfect subject to base my embroidery on.

As it happened, Nikolai was around when I decided to start embroidering and he wanted to do it too! So I had him choose a picture to base his on, and he chose this one: 

We each made sketches from our photo:

(Nikolai holding his airplane. The blob under his head is his "chinny chin chin.")

And then we stitched together!

Of course, Nikolai lost interest long before I was finished (but he lasted longer than I expected him to!), but he did an awesome job (I only did maybe 50% of what you see below) and it's something I hope we do together again.

Here's my finished Spring piece:

And finally, all of them together (included Summer, which I hadn't posted before):

I'm very pleased with how they all turned out and I hope they always bring us fond memories of our happy years living here!


ivrcti said…
I'm impressed that 1) you got a 4 year old to sit long enough to even learn how to do basic embroidery. 2) that he further sat long enough to work and 3 particularly with the quality of his work! Very well done!

I believe that years from now, you'll be sorting through some box, pull out those 4 small embroidered wall hangings and remember your time at law school with great fondness!
julis said…
I very much love these embroideri (I'm pretty sure that's the correct Latin for the plural) ;-) Thank you for sharing! You are an artist.

And Niko's first embroidery is awesome! I think maybe he's an artist, too!
Maren said…
Beautiful! I would love to do something like that someday. R has done some embroidery too with his grandma, but not nearly as cool looking as Nikolai's. Good job, Nikolai!
melissa said…
I love all of your embroideries, but maybe especially fall. Which isn't surprising since obviously fall is the best season.

Niko's takes the cake though! Go Niko.

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