Om nom nom

For the first 5 months of her life, Miriam usually just rolled around on the floor while we ate dinner (because let's be real, eating while holding a baby is doable but difficult). After a while, though, she started to get mad that we were all hanging out at the table without her and started to protest vocally. So then we started holding her while we ate--but very quickly she realized that we were sitting there putting stuff in our mouths, and she didn't get any! The injustice! Sweet Miriam was infuriated. She would watch us eat jealously, occasionally trying to grab some food from our plates (with her limited hand eye coordination) and crying when we wouldn't let her have it.

Finally, we gave in and bought her some baby food. And OH MAN, guys, there is not a baby food that this lass won't eat with gusto, and in great quantities. She started eating people food and hasn't looked back! 


ivrcti said…
Joshua is proving a bit more finnicky in terms of baby food, but Megan is trying patiently and he's making progress.

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