I'd swim across Lake Michigan

Last Wednesday, some friends invited us to help them celebrate their son's 3rd birthday by going to Silver Beach, on the shore of Lake Michigan. It was awesome!

And by awesome I mean the water was somewhere in the ballpark of 55 degrees but the view was beautiful and the company was perfect :)

Miriam was not a huge fan of being surrounded by sand, but she adapted pretty well and even managed to take a nap or two.

There were 18 of us there--8 adults and 10 kids. It was so exciting!

We really have the awesomest friends :)

Stroller traffic jam!

After spending hours on the beach (and getting sunburned, though we didn't discover that until later) we walked out on the pier to dry off before getting dressed and heading home.

Standing out there on the pier, you could see forever! It was so tranquil to stand out there on the edge of everything. On the way home, Jesse expressed the desire to drop all our plans for the future and move there. I totally understood--it was lovely!

Thanks for inviting us, Jamie! We had a lovely time!


melissa said…
that's neat. i've never been to such a big lake. i love bodies of water though, so i'm sure i'd love it. you ought to buy a lake house there. i'll come visit for annoyingly long periods of time every summer.

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