Gallup River Art Summer Game Badge

Remember earlier this summer when I mentioned playing the library summer game? Well, last week we did another badge that required us to get out and explore lovely Ann Arbor, and it was great!

We headed down to a local park along the Huron River and spent a few hours seeing some of the new art installations. 

Our first clue involved this amazing canoe piece. 

To find our code, we had to follow these fun instructions: 

"To find the first part of your first code, face the sculpture with the river behind it. Find the rightmost canoe in the fan (the one nearest the ground to the right). Look fro the “Capacity Information” label inside the canoe. In what Michigan city was the canoe manufactured? That city is the first part of your code."

The second part involved reading the description sign and picking out one of the words. 

But the best part of the excursion was taking some time to see the lovely Huron river:

They had some other sculptures of local wildlife, which Nikolai insisted on feeding with leaves he collected:

He was friends with all of them by the time we finished.

Hey Ann Arbor Disctrict Library, thanks for giving us an excuse to get outside and have some fun!


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