Miriam: 6 months

6 months has just flown by! 

We had Miriam's 6 month checkup yesterday and it looks like she's growing like a weed, which we're always pleased to hear.

Height: 26.5 inches (76%, up from 44% at 4 months)
Weight: 14 lbs 2 oz (26%, up from 17% at 4 months)
Head: 16.5 inches (42%, down from 43% at 4 months)

Sleeping Patterns: She's still waking up lots at night, but I think in a few days here we're going to move her to a separate room at night, in the hopes that we can all get some better rest ;)

Eating habits: Breastmilk every 2-4 hours, but this past month we started Miriam on "solid" foods and she loves them! We haven't yet found a baby food she won't eat :)

New discoveries she made: Sometimes Nikolai can be a little rough, but if she shouts mom comes and rescues her from being squashed or poked ;) We're still working on making their relationship a balanced one!

Accomplishments: She just started army crawling this week! We suddenly have a determined little girl who sees things she wants to investigate and can get to them :)

Places she went: Everywhere! Belle Isle, the Zoo, camping, the beach, and parks and museums too numerous to count. This girl is incredibly patient and transportable, so she's made it easy for us to go lots of fun places!

Special memories: Anytime Miriam catches a glimpse of one of us when she hasn't seen us in awhile, she treats us to the biggest, most exuberant baby smile ever. Her sweet personality brings us such joy!

Also, in case you're wondering why Miriam is crawling around in the dirt in all of these pictures:
She was determined to NOT stay on the blanket I laid out for her and instead joined her brother in the dirt. Silly baby!

We love you Miri dearie! Thanks for being our baby for 6 whole months now :)


ivrcti said…
Of course she wanted to play in the dirt! Wouldn't you?
Maren said…
Wow, that did go fast. She's got a good head of hair for being so young! So cute that she wanted to play with brother.

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