Belle Isle, in summer this time

Despite the fact that we've been to Belle Isle twice already, we've never managed to go in the summer (just fall and winter so far--weird, huh?), so last week we headed over to spend the day.

We started off the day at a gigantic playground, where Nikolai made friends with older kids and seemed content to play for hours (though I forgot to photograph any of it!).

The Belle Isle Nature Zoo was lovely, as always:

This time, Nikolai got to feed a deer (though doesn't it look more like a goat?!):

Also new to us was the fountain, which we had never seen on before:

And finally, our old favorite: the Conservatory (though this time we got to see the Koi outside in the pond!):

 We have been completely spoiled by having Jesse home with us all the time (school doesn't start for 2 weeks!). It has been awesome to have so many adventures together!


melissa said…
"niko? and niko? and niko? these are some cute pictures of 'im." said calvin.

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