Baking for the soul

One day last week Nikolai and I must have both been feeling a little off, because we were butting heads left and right! By the time Jesse got home, I was more than happy to have him play with Nikolai so I could take a little time to let my crankiness ebb. 

After a bit, I decided to bake some cookies, and I was feeling somewhat less crabby so I invited Nikolai to help me. 

He was super helpful--carefully pouring the ingredients I measured into the bowl and turning on the mixer when I asked. Before long, we were laughing and eating cookie dough together, and I think we both felt much better. 

So let this be a lesson to my future self: when in times of strife, make cookies together. You won't regret it. 


julis said…
What a good mama you are! I always shooed them away. But the cookie idea is genius: win win!

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