A quilt! At last!

About 7 months ago, I looked through my fabric stash and realized I had saved a lot of old clothes that we didn't wear anymore, usually because they were holey or stained. I'm a little bit of a hoarder, so I had saved these, thinking that at some point I'd use them to sew something. Well, they had finally gotten to a point where they were taking up a lot of space, so I decided I should do something about it.

That something was to make a quilt!

Here's the elementary plan I sketched up:

The cut out pieces (larger squares not pictured):

Plotting them all on the floor:

Getting everything lined up and ready to sew:

The quickest part was getting everything cut out and sewed together--then I decided that I wanted to hand quilt the whole thing so I spent the next few months intermittently quilting when watching tv and such ;)

But, after 7 months, I finally finished it!

It's now hanging up on the wall in our room :)  I must say, it's really satisfying to look at it and see old things that we used to wear and love, and remember some of the memories attached. And, for my first quilt, I'm pretty proud of it!


Michele said…
I'm so impressed with hand quilting. I was machine quilting last night and ready to pull my hair out. It looks lovely and what a great way to recycle things we love.
Anna said…
Oh my gosh, that is intense. So impressive!
ivrcti said…
Wow! This is fantastic! I'm so proud of you! Come teach me!
melissa said…
that is so pretty and cool. catherine, you are something else. also, i am dying laughing at your intricate "elementary" plan. elementary my eye!
Demarae said…
That is fabulous! I love that there are memories in the little pieces. And you should be proud of 7 months! I'm still working on quilts from 4 years ago. :/ and yea, it's the quilting part that's the beast. And I'm not even doing it by hand. You're awesome.

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