Budding artist

Nikolai has been VERY into painting lately!  I woke up this morning at 7:40 when Jesse was getting ready to leave for school (he gets up with Nikolai around 7 so I can sleep in, bless his heart!) and Niko had apparently already requested to paint because he was at his little table, painting away. 

I really like watching him at work--it's fun to see his creative juices flowing and how he enjoys choosing different colors (Also, this is one of the few instances where he is motionless enough for me to get a non-blurry picture of him).

Oh my gosh, look at that profile!

(It was at this point when I ran up to him and smothered him in kisses and he pushed me away saying, "No kiss me mama! I paintin'!") 

It's so fun to look back at baby pictures of our Niko and see hints of his tiny personality in that little body, just waiting to blossom. I'm sure I'll look back in a few years and see flashes of his grown-boy self in this little toddler boy. 

Hey little person, you're the coolest!


Messy Musings said…
you totally need to post some pics of his art work - so that we can all swoon over his talents!! ;o)

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