What to do with broken crayons

Lately Nikolai his picked up this *ahem* interesting tendency to break all of his crayons in half. Needless to say, it's not my favorite thing. I've been trying to decide what to do with all of these newly broken crayons and recently stumbled upon something fun!

I scrounged up some thin cardstock and we used a pencil sharpener to make lots of colored shavings, which we spread all over the paper. 

When we'd gotten a sufficient amount/Nikolai decided we were done, we put wax paper over top with the waxy side down. 

Then I ironed it until all the shavings melted:

We did it a few times and were really pleased with the cool designs that were created!

I'm thinking in the future I might do this on small canvasses and use them for wall art :) It was really fun! 


ivrcti said…
I would NEVER have thought of this idea!
Kylie said…
Very cool! Walt breaks his crayons, too, and pulls all the paper off (something the bugged me even as a kid!). I just make him use them, but this is a better idea!

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