The Squirrel King

We have a little patch of forest behind our apartment in which live all sorts of awesome critters. There's tons of squirrels, which Niko loves (though he calls them "Meow" so he might think they're cats?).  They're pretty brave creatures, in part, I think, because a lot of our neighbors feed them!  So they frequently come up to our window begging for food, holding their little arms up against their chest as they stand and tell us how cute and hungry they are. 

We didn't feed them (though I'll admit I was tempted! They're so cute!) but this particular squirrel stayed there for probably 10 minutes, hoping we'd give in to his cuteness.  

Brazen little critter!


Maren said…
That must be so exciting for him :)
ivrcti said…
He and Emily would get along well.

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