Niagara: the drive

Hi Friends! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. We had a brief (but awesome) trip last week at the start of Jesse's spring break, and then we all got sick, so I haven't felt up to posting! But be not afeared, I will finally tell you all about our exploits :)

Ever since we found out Jesse got in to UM and I learned that we would only be 4 hours away from Niagara Falls, I knew we had to visit! We wanted to go last year but circumstances were never in our favor, but earlier this year when I found a groupon for a hotel at Niagara Falls, I knew it was our chance! So I planned a brief (2 days, 1 night) but epic road trip to the Canadian side of the falls for Jesse's spring* break (*we've begun calling it winter break instead, because it was most definitely 10 degrees for most of the week and that in no way constitutes spring time!).  

Last Sunday, we packed all our bags and Monday morning we tossed them in the car and took off to the falls!

Unfortunately, an hour into our trip Nikolai threw up from what we thought was carsickness (dun dun DUUUUUN FORSHADOWING!)--undeterred, we pulled over, cleaned him and his carseat up (p.s. all the clean up credit goes to Jesse, He-with-the-gag-reflex-of-steel) and bought some anti-nausea medicine, and in 15 minutes we were back on our way! 

Aside: While Jesse cleaned up his carseat, Niko got to play in the driver's seat.

Check out the video below for him "driving" the car, complete with adorable sound effects:

On the drive, we kept him in a constant stream of light snacks, medicine and Daniel Tiger, hoping that he'd be fine the rest of the drive, and he was! He didn't even fuss from being stuck in his carseat for  5 hours, which I found impressive. 

Jesse and I meanwhile, we ridiculously excited to make the drive through Canada, a foreign country (dontcha know?!) to which neither of us had ever been! 

That meant we got to use these for the first time in almost 3 years:

And across the border, we came across a bunch of these! 

Ok, this picture is actually from the way home, but look how cute!

Alright, now I'll admit to you that this post is primarily a teaser--you'll have to check back tomorrow for more about the actual falls! 


ivrcti said…
We also had a great time down in Southeast Utah at the Arches National Park. I'll drop you a note, including pictures!
Mom said…
He is just adorable, even when not feeling well. Jesse is the greatest! Your father was always the strong one when it came to that kind of sickness.

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