2 year old Niko

Niko has been 2 for several months now, but it wasn't until recently that I realized we have officially reached the Terrible Twos. 

Screaming in the bathtub because...I don't even remember why anymore! 

But I think it's important to point out that the terrible Twos are also the Terrific Twos. I mean, while there certainly is a lot of this: 

Screaming because he wanted more "CAAAKE!!!" and I didn't want him to have more. 

and we've had our fair share of tantrums pitched anytime we're leaving anyplace fun (any idea how to deal with those, friends? I'm at a loss!), there is also more than our fair share of this sweetness:

along with wonderful, amazing silly moments:

Nikolai found this piece of felt (leftover from making sunshine onesies) and put it to his mouth, then said "Cheese! Cheese!" so I would take his picture! 

And there's other sweet times, like when Niko started telling us a story at the dinner table. 

Niko: "And George (curious george)....walk...(here he walked his fingers around his plate)...animal....five! (now he wanted a high five) ...bir-day (birthday)....dada, happy!... mama, happy!... baby, happy!!!!" At this point he pointed at each of us and himself, smiling. (I will admit, I think "happy" is my favorite word he's learned so far!)

Other times, we're playing his violin and he starts dancing this great little jig, and later looks me straight in the face and says "FUN!"  

He doesn't communicate in a lot of full sentences still (though we get the occasional "I got Percy!" "I got Mama!" [followed by a hug for me!]) but when he does use words, he's showing lots of creativity, humor, and memory skills that I never anticipated him having at such a young age.  And while some of his communication stresses me out ("nooooo!!!!!!!!"), a good deal of it just fills me with so much joy ("hug!").

So welcome, Terrible and Terrific Twos.  We're glad you're here. 


ivrcti said…
Call me when you get a moment. I have some experience in dealing with a cute blonde two year old in the midst of a tantrum. I don't know how much advise I can give, but I'll sure enjoy the chuckle!
Alex and Family said…
Go Niko! Charlie always skips "4" when he's counting. "One, two, free, fihh, 'ix"

And as for tantrums when leaving places, I find it helps if you give them a few heads up before you go. "Okay, we're going to leave in 5 minutes" "One more minute and then we're going to say Bye-Bye!", etc. You may be doing that already, and then I'm not sure how to avoid the tantrums. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. They are 2. It's bound to happen. Haha :)
Kylie said…
Tantrums are so fun. :) Walt has actually gotten worse of the course of the year - I hear the "terrible threes" are quite a treat, too. Just enjoy it, and be consistent, and remember that everyone's been there. He'll learn eventually!
Catherine said…
Alex, thanks for the comment! I actually haven't been doing that consistently, but I think I'll start trying it. Thanks for the insight!!!

Kylie, I appreciate the consistency comment! I think part of his problems are because I'm not consistent--sometimes, I tell him no and mean it, and other times I just give in. I think there's a such thing as picking your battles but I should also be teaching him that certain behavior doesn't get rewarded!

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