Niko is two!

He's two! Our boy is two! 

He had a really quiet birthday a week ago (so quiet I didn't remember to blog about it til now..)--just us three and some funfetti cupcakes and lots of love. 

For some reason, I decided I really wanted to give Nikolai a cupcake as soon as he woke up from his nap (cause you know, ruining a two year old's dinner is high on my to-do list) so when he arrived downstairs we had the cupcakes prepped and ready to go! 

Funny story: We lit the matches and got all ready to sing the happy birthday song, but before we could even take a breath our grown boy preemptively blew out the candles! We were surprised he knew what to do (I think the last birthday party he went to was in October?) but he did! So needless to say, we re-lit the candles so we could sing to him, which was fine by him--he was more than happy to blow them out twice :) 

It was surprisingly fun, having a tiny party of just us. Standing there, singing happy birthday with Jesse to our smiling toddler, I got a glimpse of all the happy family birthday parties that await us in the years ahead and I got a great warm and fuzzy feeling :) 

A few gratuitous cupcake-eating pictures, cause, you know.  


Finally, as I was going through the pictures today, I noticed the one below and it reminded me of a picture of myself as a two-ish year old:

A little family resemblance maybe? Sometime soon I want to go through baby pictures of both Jesse and me and compare them to Nikolai to see who he looks like more! (cause honestly, I look at Niko all day so to me he just looks like himself!) 


melissa said…
oh yeah, he does look like you! happy birthday last week, cousin niko.
Maren said…
Happy birthday! Love the frosting mustache. I like your new (or maybe not so new anymore?) furniture arrangement in the background. And I can see the resemblance between you two. I can't believe how old these babies are getting!
Kylie said…
Happy Birthday buddy! There is nothing sweeter than bedhead on a toddler - except maybe a bedheaded toddler eating a cupcake. Don't believe the hype, 2-year-olds are the funnest!
ivrcti said…
The truth is that the birthday parties will always be fun, but for evolving reasons. I'm glad you got this precious family moment.

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